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LaTroy Hawkins signs with the Colorado Rockies; One Year, $3.5 Million

According to Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News, the Rockies have signed one of the relievers on their shopping list, LaTroy Hawkins, to a one year contract. Hawkins figures to slot into the eighth inning role that Jose Mesa had mixed results in last season. LaTroy has always been a desire of Dan O'Dowd's, his name comes up frequently near the trade deadline as a pitcher we might target, and it looks like DOD finally gets his wish.

Compared to what Baltimore is paying for replacements for Hawkins and others in their pen, this deal -with the one year limit in particular- looks like a relative bargain. The salary is a bit high compared to what we would want to pay in seasons past, but seems to be the going rate for veteran middle relievers this year.

Update [2006-12-1 8:13:11 by Rox Girl]:

According to the Denver Post, the Rockies are "aggressively trying to bridge the financial gap" in negotiations on the Jennings extension. If they can't the likelihood of a winter meeting trade is brought up again. I think given the dollar amount in the Hawkins deal, that it's likely the Rox have increased their offer to JJ, but whether or not it's enough is hard to say. Like I mentioned in yesterday's comments, Brian Bannister of the Mets is a possibility in a trade with New York. The "starter and centerfielder" demand would seem to indicate we'd want Milledge plus Bannister for Jennings -although it seems likely to me that we'd throw in another prospect in this deal.

Update [2006-12-1 14:16:44 by Russ in NY]: John Sickels will post his 2007 Top Rockies at Minor League Ball after he finishes with the D'Backs, who are up next.