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Sunday Morning: Fallout for Monfort and a Barmes rumor

As could probably be expected, JJ reacted a little testily to Charlie Monfort venting his frustration about the state of negotiations on a new contract, with his agent saying that there was some misrepresentation in Monfort's statements. At any rate, I wouldn't hold my breath for an extension getting done at this point. Dan at Up in the Rockies has some more analysis of the Krieger column, coming down in favor of dumping Hurdle but keeping O'Dowd. Normally I'd be inclined to agree with his assessment except for the fact that O'Dowd is responsible for keeping Hurdle around so long. By tying himself to his struggling manager, the GM has put his own job deservedly in jeopardy as well.

One more link this morning, Newsday says the Cardinals were after Clint Barmes during the winter meetings, but that Colorado "refused to hand Barmes over for nothing." Almost all of Clint's value to the team last season was derived from his defensive play, but he adds a significant amount there and as I've said before, his batting skills aren't nearly as bad as his 2006 season made him out to be. Obviously the Cardinals were trying to snake him on the cheap, and I don't blame them, but I'd rather hang on to him through Spring Training at least, as he'd be a more valuable piece to pawn to a team that needs an emergency injury related fill.

Clint a Redbird? Not for nothing...