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Monday Morning: Inching closer to an Astros deal?

Ken Rosenthal's latest column seems to imply it:

The Cubs' expected signing of Marquis likely will end their trade pursuit of Rockies right-hander Jason Jennings. The Astros remain interested in Jennings, though it's unlikely they would part with talented young players such as right-hander Jason Hirsh and center fielder Willy Taveras unless they signed Jennings to an extension as part of the deal. Jennings attended Baylor University in Houston.

This, to me, implies that things are progressing fairly quickly to a Hirsh+Taveras for JJ deal. There's just that one last little hang-up. If the Astros can get an assurance that Jennings will sign an extension from his agent, then the Rockies might be in business here, otherwise Houston will want them to settle for a lesser pitcher in the trade.

The Houston Chronicle also seems to imply that the Rockies and 'Stros aren't that far off, with columnist Richard Justice mentioning Jennings but none of the other commonly thought of trade options for Houston. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Jennings' agent listens to their proposals.

Of course, the other tidbits from the Rosenthal article regarding the Rox included the news that the Angels rumor was apparently a little more serious than I thought, I have no idea why the Halos would have even considered that trade though, as it was very heavily skewed to our end. If we wind up with a deal half as solid as that one for Helton I'd probably still be happy.

Finally, there was the strange mention of a Josh Fogg trade being possible in the next day or two, due to the deadline to tender a contract. It would be interesting to see what he would command coming off an eleven win season that had some extreme variance in the quality of his starts.