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Official: Jennings dealt to Houston

For Jason Hirsh, Taylor Buchholz and Willy Taveras!

This is quite a haul for JJ and Miguel Ascencio, I'm expecting that the Astros must have a contract extension already mostly finished. Hirsh is their top pitching prospect, Buchholz isn't far behind. Dan O'Dowd was just mentioned this afternoon by Baseball America as being one of the best GM's in the business in constructing trades, and I was about to question that until this news came in. Woohoo!

Here's more on Hirsh BA's top 10 PCL prospect list where he ranked #9:

Hirsh stood out with his major league presence on the mound, which opponents believe plays as great a role in his success as his overall stuff. That said, the 6-foot-8 righthander threw his pitches on an intimidating downhill plane. He has good command of a lively 91-93 mph, a late-breaking slider and an effective changeup that he'll throw in any count.

"His numbers speak for themselves," Moore said. "He got off to a little bit of a slow start, but after that he had great game after great game. He had a plan and didn't vary from it. With his makeup and mindset, he has a chance to have a lot of success at the next level."

"We Got Fleeced" says Astros blogger rastronomicals at Crawfish Boxes.