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Non-tender intrigue:

Joe Hamrahi, who also does SBNation's Talking Chop blog for the Atlanta Braves, has a complete non-tender list over at Baseball Digest Daily. Among the names of note besides the Rockies own Chin Hui Tsao are former Rockies Scott Dohmann (dealt to KC with Ryan Shealy last summer) and Eduardo Sierra (lost on waivers to the White Sox) as well as a couple of interesting names the Rox might be tempted to pick up:

Brandon Claussen, LHP - Claussen was used as a starter by the Reds and was hardly effective in that role, but with the Rockies needing another left-handed reliever besides Jeremy Affeldt and Brian Fuentes, he might be an interesting choice for that job.

Chris Reitsma, RHP
- As mentioned in the comments in the thread below, he's a pitcher the Rockies have long had interest in. He'd be a good addition for pen depth.

Jorge Sosa, RHP - The same goes for Sosa, although it could also be said of Dohmann and Sierra, I suppose. There are a lot of live arms that weren't tendered yesterday (Jerome Williams also).

Jayson Werth, OF - Had we not made the Houston trade, Werth would be an option for a bargain basement fill to the center field conundrum, now it seems less likely we'd have interest.

Victor Zambrano, RHP - Zambrano = Scott Kazmir, right? Who wouldn't want that?

Also, three catchers were non-tendered, including Toby Hall, Jose Reyes and Miguel Perez. None of them would be as good as signing Rod Barajas, but all three are probably better than Geronimo Gil. Reyes in particular is only 22 years old and was run out by the Cubs who would rather hold on to the old, expensive and bad Henry Blanco. He's probably not the type of veteran we're looking for, but he's a better use of a roster slot than the catcher we drafted from the Nationals for the Rangers in the Rule 5 last week (Salomon Manriquez) for example.