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Lots of Early Links:

The Rocky Mountain News has a couple of believers in Willy Taveras, one surprising, one not so much. Troy Renck at the Post, meanwhile, mentions that the Rockies still might go bargain basement shopping for an insurance starter such as John Thomson, Tony Armas, or All-Star Mark Redman(hee-hee).

The Dodgers are exacting their revenge on us for swooping in and stealing Oscar Rivera by ripping off with Casper manager PJ Carey. It sounds like a nice promotion for PJ (it's not official yet) though, so I wish him the best. With the Modesto managerial post still vacant, this now leaves two key openings in our lower minors.

One more Trade Analysis piece from Baseball America's Chris Kline, who reminds us that Jason Hirsh has now won League pitcher of the year honors twice in the last two years at two different levels of the upper minors.

Update [2006-12-14 9:51:8 by Rox Girl]:

More Deals in the Works?

This report came out after I put the initial post up saying that the Rockies might try to get a center fielder with pop still, and says Willy Taveras could be part of a package to get him. Troy Renck for some completely strange reason mentions Brian Anderson to O'Dowd as a possibility, before getting shot down. I like Anderson, but he's not enough of an upgrade over Taveras where a package including Willy T and another player would be worth a deal. Renck then brings up Rocco Baldelli, who would be awesome, but the D-Rays are asking for a lot for him and I have no idea why they would be interested in Taveras with their players... Hmm... a mystery...