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Disgusting: Mickey Mantle Disgraced

The publisher that once planned O.J. Simpson's "This is how I would have done it" book is now close to publishing a book that claims to be a "biography" of Mickey Mantle:

The publisher gives this description of the novel's premise: "Mickey finds himself in heaven - much to his surprise - and realizes he's carrying a huge burden around with him. He needs to tell someone all the horrible things he did."

It sounds like a good concept but there's this little bit of information:

Author Peter Golenbock admits that much of "7: The Mickey Mantle Novel" - including a steamy scene where Mantle beds Marilyn Monroe behind Joe DiMaggio's back - are based on "not documentable" stories.

I just can't believe a company would publish a book filled with hearsay and conjecture. Did Mantle have his demons? Absolutely, but if the author can't prove any of it and the company goes ahead with it anyway . . . anything to make a buck, right?

Oh wait, I think I'm right when he "talks" with Mantle in the prologue:

"Maybe this is the book that will make me rich," he writes. "I'll publish the raunchiest book about you, and my guess is it'll be a smash because no one has ever written a book like this before."

It's hard for me to think of Mickey Mantle as anything other than the New York sports legend and this book only wants to "celebrate" his lurid activities. My father grew up watching Mickey Mantle play and he would always tell me stories about The Mick's play. Yeah, Mantle had his demons but others shouldn't profit off them, real or supposed.

The book isn't worth the paper it's printed on and I doubt it will be a hit among Yankee fans, young and old.