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Hirsh on Hirsh.

Thomas Harding on the official site met up with the Colorado Rockies newest rotation member and got a few answers out of Jason on how he feels to be coming to Denver and what he's doing to get ready for the long season ahead:

This year I'm trying to put some mass back on. I lost a lot of mass last year because an injury prevented me from lifting. I pinched my sciatic nerve and didn't pick up a weight until June or July. It also affected the way I threw, and I was messed up for the first month and a half in Triple-A. But I got rid of it through running and extra stretching.

"I feel like I've worked real hard this offseason and I shoud be strong throughout. I've also been working with Alan Jaeger [who conditions players' arms through the use of surgical bands and a long-toss program, and incorporates yoga and mental training], who works with a lot of Major Leaguers -- Barry Zito is his claim to fame. In January, I'll start throwing long-toss and getting my arm ready for the season."

Excellent, when I go to yoga class now, I'll just try and picture Jason there and it'll make it a whole lot easier for me to get into that peaceful meditative state. Anyway, check out the pic with the tongue sticking out in the article. Reminds me a little of our other 6'8" young starter.

Tracy Ringolsby says the Rockies are still pursuing Darin Erstad, which I actually have no problem with, now that Willy T is in the fold. Erstad is a good gamble to provide some solid offensive help to the team, he's a bad gamble to provide starting, injury free center-field caliber defense, however. The other solid addition Ringolsby mentions is Rod Barajas, who would audition with Chris Iannetta and Yorvit Torrealba for the 25 man roster's two catcher spots. This is also a good way of handling things as it sends a message to Iannetta to come to camp in shape and ready to prove himself, and if he doesn't he can season more in AAA. If he is ready, well, catchers are generally easy to get a return in trade for, particularly two the caliber of Torrealba and Barajas.