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Off Topic: Carmelo Anthony Suspension

Since it's such a slow news day for the Rockies, and since I even found a diary on this topic posted by my colleague at Lone Star Ball (no, I don't know either why Rangers fans would be interested) I figured since there's no Nuggets blog in the SBN, we can be a surrogate for today.

Anyway, here's the diary that Adam at LSB had posted:

 Carmelo Anthony has been suspended 15 games for the brawl...

10 games apiece for Nate Robinson and J.R. Smith, 6 games for Mardy Collins, 4 games for Jared Jeffries, and 1 game for Jerome James and Nene.

with another diary linking to an article which has George Karl calling Isaiah Thomas a "jackass" for some reason.

Up in the Rockies blogger Dan (Franchise26) has his reaction to the Melo controversy at his Nuggets blog, Solid Gold.