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Tuesday Morning Rundown: Taveras and Barajas and Stuff

Dan O'Dowd gives a somewhat cryptic response to Thomas Harding when asked about the club's plans for the center-fielder, saying the Rockies are "proceeding" with Willy T in the 2007 plan, and adding:

"We're very happy getting Willy, and we're going to have him in after the first of the year so we can meet," O'Dowd said Monday. "We don't have anything going on [in the trade market]."

He specifically shot down the Rocco Baldelli rumors, and Craig at Fish Stripes explains why the first part of that fantasized trade -Taveras to the Marlins for Ricky Nolasco- is a non-starter at this point. Still, the wording doesn't quite leave out the possibility that something could happen before the season starts, but given the current environment that looks doubtful at this point. We especiallly shouldn't expect O'Dowd to spin straw into gold by giving up little to obtain a major talent like Rocco. Harding in a separate article also delves into his mailbag, and answers questions from skiddish fans about the pending fire-sale. Sillies. Just because the Rockies made a move with JJ doesn't mean everybody else is on their way out this season. Anyway, I was misled by my little sidebar link from SportSpyder which titled the mailbag article "What can be expected from '07 rotation?" when in fact, Harding gives us little in the way of forecasting. I'm going to try and break down the rotation (and the bullpen for that matter) in detail come late January/early February before pitchers and catchers report.


The first Harding article also gives props to the deserving Rockies staffer Mike Hamilton for his win of an award named after his own father, says that Darin Erstad isn't really interested in us, and also puts a chill on the Rod Barajas rumors that are circulating. This last part contradicts two reports from separate sources this morning, both the Dallas Morning News and FoxSports' Ken Rosenthal report that the Rockies are still strong contenders for Barajas' services along with the Phillies.