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Top 30 PuRPs discussion thread:

It's time to update our prospect rankings once again. I decided to hold off until after the Winter Meetings after all when the Jennings trade talk heated up, and with the acquisition of Óscar Rivera that decision seems even more prudent as he should definitely rank in our top 20. For frames of reference for your rankings, you can check out Baseball Prosectus' Kevin Goldstein's list and John Sickels should also come out with his top 20 Rockies prospects in the next few days at Minor League Ball.

In this discussion thread, we should probably talk about how we want to handle Shane Lindsay's status, who our favorite sleepers for 2007 are, and the like. I also think Jeff Baker's place will be an interesting topic, as he has certainly revived his top prospect status in a big way. Anyhow, right now the intention is to put up the ballot thread right after the Winter Meetings, but I might delay it for a day or two if we do make any moves of significance.