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Todd Helton and the Deathly Halos

Oooh more Todd rumors came out this morning from both Los Angeles and Denver sources. The trade to the Angels still seems to be the Aybar plus Kotchman plus Mathis for Helton and a lot of cash deal, but the sticking point seems to be how much cash. Of course, another sticking point would be Helton's no trade clause, but the Rockies are crossing one bridge at a time in this it would appear.

A Helton deal wouldn't necessarily mean Kotchman at first for the Rockies next season, instead the Rox would probably move Brad Hawpe back to the infield. Originally, when this deal was first reported, the idea would have been to put Aybar in center, but now that Willy Taveras is in tow, the prospects we'd get back from the Angels would seem  to be added into the mix for a package to get either a greater upgrade in center, or to supply additional help elsewhere. Keep in mind that this rumor is still in its infancy, and we might see J.K. Rowling's latest before we see an actual deal between LA of A and Colorado.

In less tabloid style gossip, but keeping with the whole Angels/Rockies connection theme, Tracy Ringolsby mentions that the Rockies may be tempted to move their Spring facility to the Halos' Tempe home from Tucson in the wake of the White Sox skipping town. The Angels in turn would move to Goodyear. Arizona towns are getting quite annoyed at each other over the whole relocation mess, and it could affect the ability of the state to continue to make gains in attracting teams from Florida to play in the Cactus League.

Ringolsby also defends the Rockies interest in Darin Erstad, but mentions that the Angels are still the favorites to land their homegrown fan favorite.