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Saturday AM: Helton rumors shot down by O'Dowd, more stuff

I like the way the Denver papers are working somewhat in tandem (albeit probably unintentionally) right now when it comes to reporting on the Rockies. You have the Denver Post and Troy Renck which will report every whisper that comes to them, somewhat like my blog actually, as long as the source is somewhat reputable. When the source is the LA Times you'd think you would be fairly safe that the rumor is vouch worthy, but I suppose not with the latest from Tracy Ringolsby and the Rocky Mountain News. Of course, that's the role the News has been taking, a little bit less shoot from the lip, Ringolsby only prints whispers when he's got a pretty solid lead on the story. Obviously both papers' beat reporters are careful to maintain a positive symbiotic relationship with the Rockies' front office, so there is some spin that comes with the journalism, but in all, I'm satisfied with the different angles their individual styles bring.

So we learn today that there's no validity to the renewed Angels' interest in Todd Helton story and move on. From the Ringolsby article we also learn that the Rockies have expressed possible interest in Sal Fasano and Javy Lopez at catcher now that they've lost out on Barajas, and also in signing Brian Lawrence or Chris Reitsma out of the bargain bin, or trading for the Orioles' Rodrigo Lopez. I just want to show you an example of how upset Orioles fans would be to see Roddy Lopez go, as a mild way of suggesting that we better not be offering them anything more than a case of Coors Light.

Renck, meanwhile, catches up to the Edwin Bellorin signing we discussed a couple of days ago in the comments to Thursday morning's thread.