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NY Daily News: Four Teams (Three in the NL West) Interested in Randy Johnson

Read the whole story here.

The Dodgers, the Padres and RJ's former team the D'Backs are looking into acquiring him. You would think that with the way the Giants are going they would be interested as well. Anyway, the Daily News believes the Padres have the best offer on the table now and mentions the name Scott Linebrink as a player the Yankees might acquire.

If a deal goes down, the Rockies fan in me says that any of the NL West teams should over pay for a guy with a bad back, who just had back surgery and is 43. That probably won't happen, but how much of an impact will this have on the NL West?

Will it turn out that RJ will look like his old self by leaving the media capital of the world? It's possible but he's still 43 and has a history of back injuries.

Jim McLennan over at AZ Snakepit made a post earlier today in this piece:

There's also the question of his health. At the end of October, Johnson had back surgery to repair a herniated disc. According to the surgeon, Dr. Robert Watkins, Johnson is expected to be ready by Spring Training, but a big questionmark must remain over his health. If it's not his back, then his knee, which has more missing parts than an Escalade left overnight in Tijuana. And let's face it: he's 43. Given the struggle I had getting up this morning - and I've still got a couple of years on RJ - I feel I can offer a personal insight here. And I didn't have surgery on a balky back two months ago...

On the other hand, there's no denying the appeal of a last hurrah for Johnson, back with the team for whom he achieved his greatest triumphs. In particular, he's now at 299 career victories - including his nineteen in the post-season. Even if you discount those, good health willing, he has an outside chance at reaching 300 wins this year, or almost certainly next. It'd be great to see him do that it AZ, especially since he could be the final pitcher to reach the mark for a long time. The next currently in line is Mike Mussina (239 victories at age 38), though Pedro Martinez (206, just turned 35) might have a better shot. Neither are guaranteed though.

I can certainly see the appeal of a "last hurrah" but not at the expense giving up too much in return.

Bottom line: If RJ does return to the NL West, I don't think it will be to a great extent. He doesn't have much going on his side of history.