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Thursday Morning: I've got nothing...

Really, anybody have anything? Wait... just coming in, the Giants are on the verge of signing Barry Zito. Well, that's something at least. Alright, while this move won't make the Giants contenders, it will make getting through the NL West a little trickier next season. I'll have to think through all the ramifications later.

The Graves deal was made official yesterday, but I think we've hashed over that already. I like the idea of low risk minor league contracts for small amounts of money to relatively replaceable parts. Really, if you look at how the Rockies have cheaply and easily replaced Jose Mesa and Ray King with LaTroy Hawkins and Graves and Gallo and others, and not used excessive amounts of their budget while doing it, well I admire the fiscal discipline, at least.

I've been spending most of the time I allow myself for blog research on the PuRPs profiles, and then I'm flying back to Colorado for a few days in early January which will probably include a further reduction of output from me here, so I guess this is just fair warning of why posts will be a little late and sporadic over the coming couple of weeks. I guess the lack of news just means I'll have to get creative, but really, who wants to do that during the holidays? Especially when Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale right now as I speak. That's what this time of year is supposed to be used for. Well, maybe a little bit of seeing family, too.