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College/Draft Profile #3

Andrew Brackman

Andrew Brackman in his baseball uniform. Photo from CSTV article.

RHP, North Carolina State (profile)

HT: 6'10" WT: 230 lbs.

2005 Stats: 10 APP, 7 GS, W-L 4-0, 43 IP, 32 H, 13/10 R/ER, 18 BB, 43 K, 2.09 ERA, .216 BAA

2006 Stats: 7 APP, 7 GS, W-L 1-3, 28 1/3 IP, 37 H, 25/20 R/ER, 19 BB, 32 K, 6.35 ERA, .319 BAA

Bio: Entering the 2004 draft season, Brackman was well known in Ohio as a two-sport star in basketball and baseball. When the June draft took place Brackman's name was not called as he was widely considered unsignable. He began his college years as both a basketball player and a baseball player for North Carolina State. He started for the Wolfpack basketball team the last two seasons but in October '06 he announced that he was committed to only baseball this season. I'm not sure if he'll be the Friday starter yet but by the end of the season he should be firmly established there.

N.C. State head coach Elliot Avent believes Brackman can be a top ten pick:

"The reason I know," Avent said, "is the teams that pick first are the teams that have called me the most, wanting the most information about him."

Brackman had a good freshman campaign in a shortened season since he joined the team after the basketball season ended. 2006 was not as good as 2005 because he suffered a stress fracture in his left hip. A guy with his size, teams will want to be careful with him on his way to the Majors. Jeff Niemann battled injuries during his junior year but that didn't affect his draft stock much. Injuries have slowed his ascent to the Majors, but he should make the Majors in 2007 if the D'Rays want a chance to win more games. I think people will bring up the name Jeff Juden again in the coming months.

I list Brackman according to his official profile height but he could be an inch shorter or maybe even two inches taller. Patrick Ebert in his profile of Brackman, lists him at 6'9" but also acknowledges that he may be 7'. He also lets us know that Brackman reached 101 MPH on the radar gun and usually reaches 93-95.

Brackman may be advised by Scott Boras, according to an article by Andy Katz (Insider subscription required). This could drop him in the draft but with the Cubs picking early, management might be willing to give out a contract similar to the one they gave out in 2001.

For now, Brackman ranks in my top 5 college prospects with the ability to move to #1. But Price will either have to not be a lefty anymore or catch a severe case of draftitis for anyone to overtake him.

Possible Important Starts:

2/9/07-2/11/07: William & Mary

3/9/07-311/07: Maryland

3/23/07-3/25/07: Wake Forest

4/6/07-4/8/07: Florida State

4/13/07-4/15/07: Miami

4/20/07-4/22/07: Georgia Tech

4/27/07-4/29/07: North Carolina

5/17/07-5/19/07: Clemson

Other Links:

"PACK PERSPECTIVE: Day Of Decision May Be Drawing Near For Andrew Brackman" by Tim Peeler. It was written a little over a month before Brackman chose baseball but gives a nice perspective on the choice.