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Winter Meeting Update

The buzz right now in regards to the Rockies possibly sending Jennings packing seems to be centering around the Rangers, actually, and not because they are making a push for him, but because they are looking more likely to sign two of the biggest available FA pitchers in Vicente Padilla and Barry Zito. Obviously they are closer to inking the former than the latter, but $17 million per season at six years would be a step ahead of the last $$ figure I had heard from the Mets camp which had him closer to $16 million for five. This means that the Mets will look closer at trades including a Bannister plus Milledge package for JJ. Ringolsby had the Rockies shooting this down the other day over concerns about Lastings' D, but this is the kind of package that at least matches what we would get in two 25-40 range draft picks in 2008 should we keep him and let him walk at the end of next season.

The other bit in that last link to MetsBlog is fairly new information that the D-backs are interested as well. I don't see us getting Upton or Young, so I'm assuming they're offering Byrnes plus a pitcher. I think we'd need at least two arms in that deal, I'd think Owings and a reliever plus Byrnes might be enough to get it done from the Rockies end, but the whole intra-division trade scenario seems highly unlikely.

Update [2006-12-4 19:8:34 by Rox Girl]: SI's Jon Heyman thinks the Mets will go after White Sox pitchers first if they don't get Zito (that's a mistake, Omar) but also mentions that the Rockies have given up their quest for getting the Yankees' Carl Pavano for now.

Update [2006-12-4 20:18:37 by Russ in NY]: Ty Van Burkleo was named the A's new hitting coach. Why do I mention this? Van Burkleo played a grand total of 2 games for the Rockies in 1994. Game 1. Game 2.