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O'Dowd: Offseason Not Sexy Like That One Night in Texas

Not like the offseason of 2000-01, now that was a sexy offseason. Of course, it was also a messy and complicated offseason, and then when the offseason of '01 started to hang around all the time and we're like, "you know, you really don't look that great the next morning," and then the offseason produced video evidence that what happened in Vegas didn't actually stay in Vegas and there are legal ramifications for getting married on the whim.., yeah. We learned that just because an offseason is a Chippendales dancer, doesn't mean he's hubby material.

Anyway, besides that astute observation, O'Dowd talks up the unsexiness of our current offseason with Tracy Ringolsby. Solid dependable job, showers everyday, likes his mother and finds time to cuddle in the morning, I like this one. Anyway here's a quote regarding one of our add-ons who also happened to be a holdover from last year, Kaz Matsui:

"Our reports from when he played in Japan vs. how he played for the Mets, we thought might be environmental," O'Dowd said. "We knew we had a good environment in our clubhouse. He had played with Todd (Helton) in Hawaii and (trainer Keith Dugger) had been the trainer in Hawaii, so we felt he would have some familiarity with our personnel. . . . And we felt he could give us something we didn't have: legitimate, game-changing speed."

That of course jives with what I've been saying, so that makes me happy. I like what we've done so far, and if no other moves get made, I'll probably be satisfied given the underwhelming appeal of what was available this fall/winter.

The main reason we're watching the Winter meetings, of course, is to find out if something happens with Jason Jennings, but there has to be a significant movement on the part of teams who want him to actually give us something that will be appealing to us in return. U.S.S. Mariner suggests Rafael Soriano and a couple of prospects as being that something, I'd probably disagree, as it's the same reliever centered deal we've been seeing elsewhere. Anyway, Bill Bavasi hasn't even inquired so it's just idle speculation, but Jennings really does have widespread appeal around the league right now, that can only help us if we want to move him.

Minor update:
Phil Rogers makes notes of Jim Hendry's somehwat insulting pursuit of Jennings. Average corner Jacque Jones or Ronny Cedeno (the only regular infielder worse offensively than Clint Barmes last season) and some unidentified scrub pitchers. Let me just guess that they weren't starters. I mean seriously, why would he think we or any team would go for that? Urgh. I'm ready to write off the Cubs as contenders right now. Minnesota, New York, Houston or Texas, you guys can step up again.

Update [2006-12-4 12:13:10 by Rox Girl]:

Hawkins wants JJ to stay: According to Troy Renck at the Post, Jennings was instrumental in getting LaTroy Hawkins to come on board. It really sounds from the article that Jennings' agent has priced him out of the Rockies league. I overplay the trade rumors here because they get me excited, but unless we get some real impact young players in return, I would really rather keep Jennings for this season. Right now (pending the Dodgers and Padres next moves) we have as good a chance in 2007 as any of our competitors. I guess if the Pods sign Zito and the Dodgers trade for Manny, my opinion on our chances would change, but that hasn't happened yet so I see no reason to throw in the towel on 2007 unless we get somebody that will really make an impact for us in 2008 and beyond.