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A Trade Proposal:

The Dodgers want a bat for Brad Penny, so I suggest sending them Matt Holliday. Why? Because looking at Holliday's career splits I realized that he's made for Dodger Stadium: he doesn't show up until the second inning and leaves in the eighth according to his career OPS numbers.

I'm kidding of course. Holliday's career OPS at Dodger Stadium is an atrocious .685, which makes it actually the middle of the pack as far as stadiums within the division go:

Arizona:     .633
Colorado:    1.056
Los Angeles: .685
San Francisco: .723
San Diego:  .617

We talk about the upgrade we expect in right field next season with a Baker/Hawpe platoon situation, but in reality we'll need another upgrade in left for next season as well. Holliday needs to be less of a throwback to the Blake Street Bomber days and take some lessons from Garrett Atkins and Hawpe in hitting on the road if we want to be competitive within the division in 2007.