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How to explain...

So some people might have noticed an absence on my part for the last couple of months. No posts, no updates, no nothing. Not the way to build an audience for sure. So I feel I owe everybody some sort of lame excuse for my absence, like, I was silenced by the MLB Secret Police because I knew too much. Or, while I was out hunting quails I got shot accidentally by a mysterious woman in a black veil derailing my promising career as a pitcher. Alright so that one's a little bit of a stretch, as well as familiar, but maybe this whole blog is just an allegory anyway about purity and its collision with the corrupting influences of guns and gambling money.

The truth of course, is more personal and less complicated and I will move on now as if that entire episode was just a necessary sabbatical in which I learned and developed and the Rockies meanwhile acquired a utility second baseman and a fifth pitcher but not much else of note, unless you count the various extensions of contracts to parties we're for good or ill already familiar with. Oh, and Jose Mesa who probably falls into another category altogether, that of old relief help.

Anyway, please forgive me and let's with the changing of the season begin anew talking Rockies as 2006 still holds much promise.