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More warm up thoughts:

I'm going to delve into some of the more interesting storylines going into Spring Training soon -once I've caught up and reacquainted myself with all the major happenings, that is- but I do want to reiterate how much a plus getting Josh Fogg is for the team heading into the season. A) the two other major competitors for his services were both divisional rivals so scoring a coup with a pitcher is always a plus, and B) two weeks ago when it looked like Zach Day was actually a leading candidate for the bottom of the rotation we had reason to worry. Now we can rest assured that Day and Mike Esposito will spen most of their time in long relief or Colorado Springs and all seems much more right with the world, especially considering we won't have to watch Brian Meadows pitch in one of our uniforms.


In the excitement of the Josh Fogg sweepstakes (really, it was huge in some markets) some of you may have missed top prospect Ian Stewart's interview a couple of weeks ago (scroll down to the February 3 "Around the Minors with Mayo" link) with MLBRadio and's Jonathan Mayo. Discussed were Stewart's thoughts on issues ranging from his chances of breaking camp with the big club -"...even this Spring Training ...though my chances are slim, I feel I'm somewhat competing for the job,"- to the health of his wrist after he was pulled from the AFL -a shot of cortisone and some rest and he's mashing the ball again- and Stewart even throws in some diplomacy in praising Garrett Atkins' work for the Rockies last year.

Anyway, anybody interested in Rox prospects should check out the audio of that and also this more recent interview of Tulsa manager Stu Cole regarding Stewart and the rest of that loaded Tulsa lineup.