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Every New Beginning. . . .

With the recent absence of Rox Girl and Opening Day only a few days away, I have been asked to help keep Purple Row an active community.

Most regular readers of this site already know me, but I should give some brief introduction as to who I am. The most obvious thing is that I am from New York. How did a New Yorker (who lives pretty close to Shea Stadium) become a fan of the Rockies (and all the other Colorado professional sports teams)?  To make a long story short, let me just say that it all started with the Avalanche in 1995.

I hope to keep the tradition that Rox Girl started last year by posting updates on prospects, news of the day, and the daily game thread. Also look forward to stories on the draft (an event I really like).

Tomorrow, I'll have my first feature article up. It will most likely be a look at the Opening Day roster.

Now, who's ready for some baseball?