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Tuesday Minor League Game Thread

I've decided to post a second daily minor league thread as I noticed in comments last week, that  some people were posting updates in the Pebble Report recap from the night before and others in the Rockies' game thread, which is fine, either way, but since this is supposed to be a community discussion thing, I thought I'd try to be helpful in directing traffic. I doubt all these threads will be this detailed in their preamble, but it shouldn't be hard to put at least something up every night.

Rockies Minor League Schedule

Colorado Springs @ Portland

Miguel Ascencio takes on Tim Stauffer. After this weekend I seriously wonder why Stauffer isn't with the Padres right now. Could he be that much worse than Dewon Brazelton was?

Springfield @ Tulsa

Richard Rundles versus Enmanuel Ulloa as Tulsa tries to remain perfect for 2006. We've said all along that the Drillers were the team in the system to watch this year and after four games it's easy to see why. Still, the pitching hasn't been up to the level of the hitting with the exception of Juan Morillo and some bright lights in the pen. Let's see if Ulloa can reverse that trend.

Lake Elsinore @ Modesto

Somebody for the Storm will pitch against Ryan Mattheus. The Modesto Bee had an article recently about Nuts' utility infielder and native Hawaiian, Duke Sardinha. By the way, is it just me, or does the Storm website seem more appropriate for promoting monster truck rallies?

Asheville @ Kannapolis

I'm really not sure who's pitching for the Tourists' tonight, my best guess is Alan Johnson since yesterday's off day gave him four days of rest. If anybody knows better feel free to post in the comments. Chris Nelson was the feature of an article in the Citizen Times Sunday. Repeating levels is never a good sign if you're looking for greatness in a prospect, but that doesn't mean he still can't become a good major leaguer.