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Game Thread #7: Rockies at Arizona

El Duque versus Cookie part deaux.

Part one saw a bit more of a pitching duel than I expected as the old man proved a worthy opponent for Big Red, and the Diamondbacks scrapped out a four two win over the punchless Rox. Our trip to San Diego has given our bats some new-found confidence however, setting the stage for tonight's dramatic rematch.

Keys to the game: For the Colorado Rockies, as is the case most times Cook pitches, a lot is riding on the infield keeping the ball from sneaking through. The Diamondbacks haven't had much success swinging the bat thus far this year and letting them build confidence from weak dribblers through the hole could spell trouble.

I think the last time against Arizona our hitters were overly aggressive. Here's the problem with telling them to settle down: in San Diego that aggressiveness led them to 32 runs and something like forty-thousand hits. Alright, so I'm given to hyperbole, but I don't want to break the run or the groove most of our batters seem to be in so I just say go with it until it proves broken again.

Will the Rockies run end tonight in the Chafe? With Cook pitching, I like our chances every time out, so I say we make it four in a row.