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I finally got around to updating my sidebar with a couple new links to Rockies' bloggers. Though they have been writing Rockies for a little while now, I want to extend an official Purple Row welcome to Lodo Magic and Baseball with an Altitude. Sorry for taking so long to get you linked, guys. If there are any other Rockies blogs sprouting out there, let me know.

Lodo is keeping an eye out on the Rockies high K rates at the plate, a definite concern for the future as not every team we face will find it prudent to pitch us a steady diet of belt high fastballs like the Padres did. Bball w/ Altitude looks more on the positive aspects our starting pitching brings to our chances in a still relatively weak NL West.

Of course, be sure to visit the veteran Rockies' bloggers as well, Up in the Rockies gives props to Cory Sullivan and Jason Smith, rightly, but a zero grade to Danny Ardoin. I'm going to offer a contrasting opinion on that: Danny Ardoin rocks. Alright, so he isn't contributing anything to the offense, but his game calling so far has been sensational and unlike last year at this time, I don't see opponents eyes light up whenever they reach base on the chance of padding their roto stats. Honestly, Dan's right, the sooner Yorvit gets back, the better. But this hasn't been a bad stop-gap.

Is the glass half empty, or half full?

Apparently, I'm the only skeptic when it comes to our road sweep, Rox Head, The Coors Effect, and Bad Altitude all are giving the team lots of love. I still think what happened in San Diego says more about the Padres than it does about our team. What I saw there was one team that was decently prepared for the season beat up on a completely unready franchise. The series starting today will be a more interesting test in my mind.

Oops, and I almost forgot to mention Rockies Disaster Report which has recently discovered what kind of brick wall MLB puts up to guard its sacred content. Oh holy content! None shall pass to lay their eyes on you, unless they are backed by lots of money, and we mean lots of money. It is true that this is a sport adored by millions, but how can these thirty meager and humble owners make billions off an IPO of, if the information was available to anyone? Come on think of the poor owners here. They need those billions. Well. Okay, if you disagree, join Gabe (like I will) in saying something about it and visiting here.