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Wednesday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Lost to Portland three to two. Ryan Spillborghs continues to be one of the hotter hitters in the system, collecting two more against the Beavers last night including a double. Sean Barker got the start and played the whole game in center. I haven't heard anything about Jeff Salazar, but perhaps he just had the night off.

Tulsa: The Drillers lost fourteen to six as Rico Washington pounded Enmanuel Ulloa with two homeruns, a three run shot in the fourth, and then a grand slam an inning later. Ulloa hit a homerun himself, but I think I'd rather he concentrate on his pitching. Tulo' got on three out of four times out of the leadoff spot with two walks and a single. Seth Smith continues to struggle, he went zero for four at the plate last night and is hitting .084 for the season.

Modesto: The Nuts lost three to nothing, Ryan Mattheus pitched another strong game, but the bats couldn't do anything to back him up.

Asheville: The Tourists lost five to one as Derek Rodriguez totally dominated Asheville's hitters.