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Friday Pebble Report & Minor League Game Thread

Colorado Springs won a tight one last night 3-1. Jeff Baker provided 3 hits (1 two-bagger) and 1 RBI. Sean Barker provided the other RBI off a 7th inning homer.

Tulsa lost a back-and-forth game 10-7. Tulowitzki, Gaetti (HR), Stewart and Macri (2-run homer) chipped in the RBI. Juan Morillo last only 3 2/3 innings, allowing 3 HRs, 3 BBs, 3 Ks, and 5 ER.

Modesto had a second straight night of Scott Dohmann for one inning (K'ed 2). Samuel Deduno pitched the next 3 2/3 and gave up 2 ER (4 R total). He struck out 8 and walked 3. It was another quiet game for the bats as only 2 runs crossed the plate.

Asheville exploded for 7 runs in the top of the first with Eric Young and Dexter Fowler (3-for-5, 1 RBI) both notching their first doubles of the season. Jason Van Kooten continued his hot hitting this season with 3 more RBI. Xavier Cedeno didn't have the best night as he lasted only 3 2/3 innings, gave up 4 ERs and walked 5 to his 2 Ks. Ethan Katz picked up the win and Brett Strickland has his second save of the season.

Starters for Tonight:

Springs - Dustin Nippert vs. Zach Parker
Tulsa - Stuart Pomeranz vs. Marc Kaiser
Modesto - ? vs. Ching-lung Lo
Asheville - Zach Simons vs. Ricky Brooks

Check the DFE diary on the side later today for an update.