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Saturday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Lost to Tucson nine to eight. Jayson Nix had two doubles among his three hits. Sean Barker also hit safely three times leading off, and Jeff Baker and Omar Quintanilla contibuted two hits apiece. A pair of the D-backs' prize prospects, Stephen Drew and Carlos Quentin, also had two hit games, but it looks like they've gotten off to slow starts out of the gate, potentially delaying their arrival in the division.

Tulsa: The Drillers got hit hard early and never recovered in a seven to three defeat. Tulo had three hits including a triple, Ian Stewart hit a double and walked twice in five plate appearances, and Joe Koshansky hit his first homerun of the season in the loss. Both Tulo and Stewart recorded their second errors of the season as well. I'll have a minor league game thread up in a bit, but Ubaldo Jiminez has his 2006 debut tonight.

Modesto: The Nuts won seven to three, efficiently scoring on just seven hits. Of course, it helped that San Jose walked six batters and allowed two runs to score on wild pitches as well. Corey Wimberly received two of those walks, but was picked off and caught stealing third during the game.

Asheville: Several players appeared to be emerging from slumps in the Tourists' twelve to one victory. Dexter Fowler hit his first homerun since opening day, and added two doubles besides. Chris Nelson also had three hits, and Cole Garner(two for three, two RBI, two runs and a SB), Kyle Blumenthal and EY Jr.(first HR of the season) contributed big games offensively as well. Plus, Zach Simons pitched one of his best professional outings to date, giving up just one run over six innings with six K's.