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Sunday Pebble Report & Today's Starters

Colorado Springs: The Sky Sox played two 7-inning games yesterday. In the first game Byung-Hyung Kim pitched 3 2/3 innings and struck out 4. Mike Esposito pitched the test of the game and also struck out 4. Jeff Baker has 11 RBI in 11 games after knocking in   2 in each game yesterday. Sandy Nin pitched 4 innings in the secondgame and K'ed 6.

Tulsa: Ian Stewart had a 2-RBI double in the first, and Joe Koshansky had the other RBI as the Drillers lost yesterday. Jordan Czarniecki had the third hit and that was all for the offense. Ubaldo Jimenez (L) pitched 4 2/3 innings, gave up 10 H, 6 ER and K'ed 6.

Modesto: The Nuts lost last night, but Corey Wimberly picked up 3 hits and his 2nd RBI. Chris Frey and Doc Brooks both contributed to the RBI but Brooks also struck out 3 times.

Asheville: Cole Garner had the biggest night for any Rox farmhand by hitting a grand slam and a triple for a total of 6 RBI. And he didn't strike out. Dexter Fowler also hit a triple. Brandon Burden had a great bounce-back start by posting 6 strong innings, 2 hits and 4 Ks.


Today's Games:
Colorado Springs: K. Jarvis vs. Miguel Asencio
Tulsa: Emmanuel Ulloa vs. J. Smith
Modesto: James Garcia vs. Ryan Mattheus
Asheville: Jake Postlewait vs. Craig Stammen