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Thursday Pebble Report & Game Discussion

Colorado Springs: Ryan Spilborghs hit his 7th double of the season and Jeff Baker knocked in his 17th RBI of the season (but struck out 3 times). Byung-Hyung Kim had another rehab start and lasted for 3 2/3 innings. He walked 3 and K'ed 4. Zach Parker came in to relieve him and took the loss (4 1/3 IP, 3 ER).

Tulsa: Joe Koshansky had a great night as he hit 2-run HR and a solo HR for 5 while going 4-for-4 with 5 RBI. Tulowitkzi also hit his 7th double this season. Marc Kaiser picked up his first win of the season and Josh Newman and Judd Songster came into secure the victory (despite both giving up runs in the final 3 runs).

Modesto: The Nuts won 7-5 as the team accounted for 11 hits. Corey Wimberly, Matt Miller and Chris Frey all collected 2 hits and an RBI. Ching-Lung Lo pitched 4 innings with mixed results as he gave up 7 Hs, 4 ERs and struck out 2. Matt Daley picked up his first win in relief and Scott Beerer recorded his 4th save of the season.

Asheville had the night off.


The Tulsa vs. Arkansas game from last night made BA's Daily Dish.