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Rockies rank #20 on Forbes' Baseball Team Value List - Worth $298M

Look over here. The Yankees are worth over $1B and the Tampa Bays Rays rank the lowest at $209M.

In 2005 the Rockies ranked 18th with $290M. And in 2004 the Rockies were 14th, valued at $285M.


I also want to take a quick look at the other major sports teams in Colorado right now:

Colorado Avalanche: I don't much like the playoff systems in the NHL and the NBA. I just don't like that many team in the postseason. With that being said, the Avs are the 7th seed and will face the Dallas Stars starting on Saturday. Maybe Wojtek Wolski's return will help the team.

Denver Nuggets: Don't get too excited over the Nuggets being the #3 seed. If it went just by record alone, the team would be tied with Sacramento for the #8 seed and would lose out on the playoffs because they lost the season series to the Kings (I think that's how tie-breakers are determined).

Denver Broncos: The Broncos entered the 2006 Draft with two first round picks (22 & 29), wound up with the 15th and 22nd picks, then traded the 22nd pick (which was originally from the Redskins) to the 49ers for their 2nd and 3rd round picks. Ashley Lelie wants out and he'll probably be gone around Draft Day, or maybe to Green Bay for Javon Walker? Why Lelie was drafted over Miami S Ed Reed back in 2002 still boggles the mind.

Before the trade with the 49ers there was talk that Shanahan wanted to trade up and choose Maryland TE Vernon Davis. Well, that's not going to happen now. At 15, Floida WR Chad Jackson should be available or Ohio State WR Santonio Holmes. Memphis RB Deangelo Williams could be the pick, but with the success Shanahan has with later round backs maybe he's aiming for Wisconsin's Brian Calhoun in the 2nd or 3rd or local product LenDale White slipping into the early 2nd round (a good possibility).

Or are more trades in the works for the Broncos?