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Game Thread #17: Cook vs Hennnnnesssseyyyy

Aaron Cook is 1-2 but has been our best starter this year and is coming off a brilliant performance against the Phillies which would have been less forgetful had not the evil Brett Myers not been more brilliant against us. Brad Hennessey is 1-0 and hasn't allowed a run this year. Okay, so he's only had one start... and it was at Dodger Stadium... but still, he looked pretty good out there (that is, until he got a little wild and corked Jeff Kent and just about single-handedly started the next set of LA riots). So the question is: could we be looking at another game like Sunday's depressing loss to the Phils? I hope not, and I don't think we will. Why? Because Hennessey doesn't quite have our number in the same way that Myers does.

Alright, to be sure, Brad was also brilliant in his only start at Coors: pitching deep into the eighth, allowing only two runs on seven hits and three walks, but he has allowed a few too many long balls to us in his short career to be at the same level of antagonist for us as Myers. Plus, even if he is brilliant again, he'll have to go all nine for the Giants to be secure in any lead as their bullpen has proven time and time again this season. This bunch couldn't retire a bicycle right now, so let's rest assured that the Rockies re-take sole possession of first tonight.

Giants Relievers try to get out of another jam on the way to the stadium...