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Helton updates, sort of, and stuff...

Both Denver dailies are reporting Todd's doing better, and about to leave the hospital according to Troy Renck's report here. There's still no indication of what's ailing Todd, but the news today doesn't sound nearly as concerned as it did yesterday.

Patrick Saunders, meanwhile, employs a little bit of a selective memory in prepping for the Rox nine game swing out East. Why? Because the road trips Saunders recalls have been dated by more recent succe... well, more recent less failure, let's say and leave it at that. The Rockies last three series trip to the East was actually last July when we sandwiched a series win at Washington between two terrible series against the Pirates and Reds. Our most recent Eastern trip regardless of how many teams would have been the last seven games of 2005, where we won two of three against Atlanta's B team, and then lost three of four against the Mets. Not that I mean to be nitpicky here, but just cherry picking bad trips just because they fit the argument without acknowledging there's other data seems to be a bad way of gaining credibility for your view.