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Monday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: The Sky Sox lost a close one, four to three. Jorge Piedra broke out of his mini slump after his return from injury by collecting three hits, including a double, in four at bats. Carlos Rivera also had three, and Jon Asahina had his first good start of the season, going seven innings and giving up only three runs.

Tulsa: The Drillers lost four to one, despite a nice start by loser Juan Morillo. Morillo pitched six, struck out six, and allowed only two runs on three hits and three walks. One of the hits allowed was a homerun to Reid Gorecki. As far as offense, Ian Stewart had a pair of singles, but that was really all that stood out as Cards prospect Chris Lambert looked very impressive.

Modesto: The Nuts also lost, six to five, after a thirteen inning marathon. Corey Wimberly had three hits out of seven AB's and raised his average to .339. His OBP is an acceptable .403 and his slugging percentage ticks in just a little higher at .411. If he can improve his stolen base percentage, than the other numbers gain greater weight, but right now seven out of eleven is close but not quite at the level I'd like to see. Samuel Deduno pitched alright, a little wild with five walks over five plus innings, but he also had seven K's.

Asheville: The Tourists lost a slugfest, fourteen to ten. Alan Johnson got roughed up for the first time this year, and the bullpen was just as bad. Chris Nelson had two hits, scored a pair, and drove in three, but there was plenty of offense to be shared all around (Chris Cook and Phillip Cuadrado homered, for instance). Anyway, I was impressed by Dexter Fowler's three walks -patience hasn't been his strong suit- as I was with anything else in this game. Now that pitchers know he'll lay off slop, he should start getting better pitches to hammer away at.