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Game Thread #20: Ascencio vs Floyd- Helton Diagnosed

Miguel Ascencio makes his first start as a Rockie tonight and the only question we have to be asking is, "is this better than Zach Day?". Okay, maybe that question is too easy. Instead, maybe we should ask, "can I have another (insert your drink of choice here), please?" as this could still be a long night. Let's face it, if Miguel Ascencio was a sure fire ace in the hole, he wouldn't be the Rockies' seventh choice for a starting pitcher. So raise your glasses friends, and let's drink to the randomness of single games and hope that this is one of those hallmark moments where a cast away pitcher down on his luck rises to the occasion for his fifteen minutes of fame. Hmm.., better make that a double for me, thank you.

Oops, while I'm thinking about it, I should mention that my colleague Dave over at The Good Phight sees the series as more close than I do, actually. I'm such a pessimist. No, actually I just think the Phillies as a team match up well against our pitchers for these first two games (I was hoping more from Josh Fogg than I probably should have) and I have little confidence in our offense as presently constituted. No, Wednesday and Thursday I see as our best chances -with JJ and Cook pitching, we could still scramble out of here with a split. Especially if that random gem from somebody like Ascencio happens tonight.


Update [2006-4-25 18:43:34 by Rox Girl]: Todd Helton's been diagnosed with acute terminal ileitis. I like how in the press release they have to specify that "terminal" means relating to the small intestine so we don't mistakenly think he's going to die. Any doctors, or people who play doctors on TV, that can tell us more about this? How serious is it? Obviously it's bad enough to put him on the DL, but is it a temporary condition, or is it chronic? More info now from the Denver Post apparently this is very good news, Helton could be back within days.