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Wednesday Pebble Report & a Zach Day Update

Colorado Springs: The Sky Sox lost another close one, three to two. Sunny Kim allowed both runs on eight hits in three and two thirds innnings. Bo Hart, who really should be a daytime soap opera star with a name like that, had three hits.

Tulsa: The Drillers lost a close one to Springfield again, this time five to four. Ian Stewart hit his second homerun of the season. Ubaldo Jiminez had one of his least effective outings of the season, giving up two runs on only three hits, although a season high six walks proved his undoing as he was given the hook in the middle of the fifth.

Modesto: The Nuts won, three to two in ten innings. Remember the other day when I said Corey Wimberly's SB percentage wasn't quite cutting it? Well, after two hits, two SB's (without getting caught) and two runs scored (including the game winner) his numbers are all looking right where they should be for a bonafide prospect. He's scored thirteen runs on the season now, good enough for sixth in the Cal League, and that number should go up later this season.

Asheville: The Tourists were rained out.

Update [2006-4-26 15:31:23 by Rox Fan in NY]: Well, those web addresses from and the team sites don't always work as links, but the Nationals claimed Zach Day today.