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Game #23: Francis vs. Mitre

So, the Rockies are in first by .5 of a game over the Giants. Not too shabby with the end of April approaching.

The Marlins are 6-13 right now with a very inexperienced team and that isn't even the worst record in the Majors. That award goes to the Pirates with a record of 5-18. The Royals are fast approaching them with a 5-15 record.

As far I know, none of the Rockies have faced Sergio Mitre before but this is his first full season of being in a starting rotation. Lit up or lights out for Mitre? I think lit up.

Update [2006-4-28 15:50:55 by Rox Girl]:
Hey, it looks like I have a fan over at FishStripes, our Marlins blog. Sorry craig, teal just doesn't go well with purple. I just don't see how it will ever work.

Update #2 [2006-4-28 15:58:26 by Rox Girl]:
Not nearly as fun as learning another blogger is crushing on you is getting word that your set-up man has been suspended four games for stupidity.