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Rockies Series by Series Comparison Week 4

2005 first three home games against SF:

Record: 1-2
Rockies 16 Giants 25

2006 first three home games against SF:

Record: 2-1
Rockies 16 Giants 16

Pitching was the story here this year, as we cut the runs against us from over eight to just over five.

2005 first two away games vs. PHI:

Record: 1-1
Rockies 10 Phillies 10

2006 first four away games vs PHI:

Record: 2-2
Rockies 23 Phillies 24

Holy deja vu. Despite us still playing the Phils to a tie, you can see the scoring's up a bit in this year's series. Since the Phillies actually moved the fences at Citizens Bank Ballpark back, you have to start to wonder if there's any truth to the juiced ball theories out there. Last year the Rockies had an odd uneven six game schedule against the Phils, that's why there are only two games represented here.
I will throw in the remaining 2005 home Phillie contest (a nine to two Rockies victory) to show the final series comparison for both seasons:

Total vs Philadelphia 2005:
Record: 2-4
Rockies 34 Phillies 33
5.67 Runs scored/game 5.5 runs allowed

Total vs PHI 2006:
Record: 3-4
Rockies 41 Phillies 41
5.86 Runs scored and allowed.

The two teams were evenly matched both years, with the Phillies getting the better of us both times. This year we did take advantage of that seventh game by picking up the win and making the most important column a little more even.

Season to season comp:

2005 through 21 games:

Record: 5-16

Rockies 100 Opponents 132

2006 through 22 games:

Record: 12-10

Rockies 123 (+17.4 %) Opponents 120 (-12.2%)

Remember this comparison is team by team, series by series over last year. Since the schedule does fluctuate a little, minor discrepancies will come in from time to time and we'll pick up that other game from 2005 against another NL East foe later. That said, for the percent changes I factored as if we had played 22 games last year at this time. Our improvement is -as expected- coming back down to earth from the gaudy numbers of the last two weeks, but it's still visible on both offense and defense. Keeping it above ten percent might be a little harder in Atlanta where the comp to last year is to a series in which the Braves clinched the division and let up a little. The Marlins should be an easier target to make as we're already off to a good start. Last year at Florida we lost two out of three and were outscored fourteen to nine.