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Game Thread #24 :Fogg vs Vargas

Tomorrow fans in Miami can be treated to their first round of bad punning headlines. My guesses are: "Fish can't Swim through Fogg", "Marlins Fogging Up", or "Florida Sounding the Fogg-horn", although I still can't wait until we visit New York and see "Fogg-et About It!". Yeah, that will be classic.

Alright, so today I know most of you are probably watching the most boring spectacle on sports television outside of Durham Public Access Channel 34 showing the Bull City Dart League's annual scheduling meeting a couple of weeks ago, but hopefully after that's over you'll flip over to this game, which probably will rate a few ticks higher on the excite-o-meter than watching fifteen minutes of an offensive tackle making his blocks (you know I love you Winton, but really that's boring) before the next pick comes across... oh look, a nose guard - plugging the gap- ooh, look how he distracts the center here... yuck.

Anyway, I do have to send a couple of things FL way -my thanks to the Marlins for being such gracious hosts and giving us the first game, and an order for craig at FishStripes to keep a 434 ft. radius from me at all times. I mean, I hate to be so harsh, but really, the insane jealousy I have over the Marlins two WS championships in our respective franchises' shared history would have created mucho havoc later on. Call back when we're even craig.

Now, let's turn on the big bats again Rockies and win this series early.