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Pebble Report Saturday

Colorado Springs: Our Rockies AAA team got schooled by a bunch of Dodger top prospects yesterday, as Chad Billingsley gave up just one hit and one walk over eight innings, and Jonathan Broxton came in for a perfect ninth to complete the one hitter. On offense, Mike Esposito couldn't keep Joel Guzman or James Loney from getting their hits on, and eventually the Sky Sox lost five to nothing.

Tulsa: The Drillers were rained out.

Modesto: Hmm... what do we make of Modesto? Well, we start at this box score here, thirteen games ago when Corey Wimberly's batting average was .048. In the twelve game hit streak he's had since, he's raised it over three hundred points to the .356 you see in last night's box. Note also in the first box Wimberly's 2/4 stolen base rate which is now 10/14. Yes, this guy's been muy impressive over the last two weeks. The Nuts still lost, though, despite a fairly decent outing by Franklin Morales: 7 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 0 BB, 9 K. The hits allowed aren't a big concern right now since he's throwing darts. The zero walks is a very positive sign showing some polish.

Asheville: Another interesting box score to look at, the Tourists struck out fourteen times against Columbus starter Brent Leach, and then nine more against the Catfish relief crew, but still managed to hang close enough to eek out a six to five win in extra innings. Of the twenty-three Tourist K's, Chris Cook, Daniel Carte and EY Jr collected four each and Cole garner and Travis Becktel each had three apiece. Dexter Fowler, continuing to impress this season, only had one strikeout and had two hits, including a double. Becktel got some measure of redemption by singling in the thirteenth, stealing himself into scoring position (the Tourists had a 5/6 SB rate last night) and scoring the winning run on a Phillip Cuadrado single.