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Interlude #1: Farm System Open Discussion

OK, so the first game of the Major League season was a success and with Tuesday being an off day, I believe we should talk about the farm system.

Some topics to discuss:

  • Which players will make it to the Show this season?
  • Breakout players at each level? (This does not include the short-season leagues)
  • Players who will disappoint?
  • Where is there a dearth in the system? Depth in the system?

I'll just give my breakout players (Batter and Pitcher) right now:

Asheville: OF Travis Becktel, though OF Dexter Fowler has a season of switch-hitting under his belt now. I was going to say RHP Chaz Roe but despite Jack Etkins report of Roe on Asheville, he isn't listed. Therefore I'll go with a guy I had great interest in as soon as he was drafted last year: RHP Zach Simons.

Modesto: I guess I'll go with 2B Corey Wimberly, though maybe OF Chris Frey will show some more with the bat this season. I think this is the season we finally see RHP Ching-Lung Lo have that breakout season.

Tulsa: I guess SS Troy Tulowitzki is the guy here by default since he never really took off last season while at Modesto. RHP Juan Morillo is as good as anyone to have a breakout season, though I think LHP Josh Newman could join RHP Jim Miller as great combo at the end of games.

Colorado Springs: I can't see anyone as a real breakout candidate.