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Game #3: Arizona @ Colorado

Expected Start Time and Starters:

6:35 P.M., MST (8:35 EST)

Arizona: Miguel Batista (5-8, 31 Saves, 4.10 ERA, with Toronto)

Colorado: Jeff Francis (14-12, 5.68 ERA)


The Rockies lost one the hard way last night and the bats have yet to waken at Coors. Hopefully the loss doesn't get to the team and Francis can have the support that Jennings and Cook lacked the past two games.

Miguel Batista, after spending two seasons with the Blue Jays, returns to the D'Backs (where he won a WS ring in 2001). Maybe he'll be a little rusty after spending a season as a closer for the Jays.

Let's see if Jeff Francis can start on the road to consistency after an up-and-down rookie season.