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News & Notes

What a disappointing way to end the game last night: Sullivan gets picked off first base with Todd Helton on deck. I was actually hoping when Freeman was put in as the PH for Cook that he would then shift over to CF.

Jeff Francis will be going tonight. Maybe he'll get more than the 5 combined runs the Rockies have scored in the two games so far.

Fuentes has wrong music played before first appearance; Torrealba has a "partial tear" and won't be back until at least the start of May; Dohmann is set to begin his rehab assignment for Modesto.

Mike Esposito cleared waivers, along with Jaime Cerda. They are at the Springs. - Dayn Perry of FoxSports sees Roe and Tulo' as breakout candidates. Link doesn't seem to work, so just copy and paste.

Not only do the Rockies finish out their series with the D'Backs tonight, but minor league games start. The daily Pebble Report will start tomorrow.