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Game 5: Day vs Brazelton

Good thing the Rockies got out of the hitters' nightmare that is Coors Field and to the launching pad they call Petco. Alright, alright, so I might have been wrong about Eli Marrero and Jason Smith, but I'll wait until more than one game passes for a full mea culpa. Meanwhile, tonight, Zach Day and Dewon Brazelton get bottom of the rotation work for their respective teams, and parsing for an advantage in which rotation's fill-in starter is better is a pretty silly task. But that's what we're here for.

Uhm. Okay, Day was acquired for Preston Wilson in a swap last season of often injured players that didn't quite live up to expectations, and Brazelton was acquired for Sean Burroughs during the offseason in a swap of once promising but  disappointing prospects. Errr.., let's go on. Neither pitcher has really shown more than brief glimmers of promise in their major leaugue careers. I think I'm going to give the advantage in this case to the Padres more on reputation than anything, but it's not enough of one to make this game any more than a toss-up of bad starters.

Expected start time and starters:

8:05 MST

Colorado: Zach Day (0-1, 7.15 ERA with the Rockies in 2005)

San Diego: Dewon Brazelton (1-8, 7.68 ERA w/ the Devil Rays in 2005)