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Sunday Morning Pebble Report & Miscellaneous

The Affiliates:

  • Colorado Springs: Game postponed due to rain. A double-header is scheduled for today.
  • Tulsa: Juan Morillo dominated the Wranglers last night in 5 innings with 7 Ks. He struck out Alex Gordon and Billy Butler back-to-back in the third (Butler struck out swinging in his first plate appearance, too). The hit parade was out yesterday as every starter except for Ian Stewart and Alvin Colina hit safely. Tulowitzki, Colonel, and Czarniecki each had an RBI, as all the other runs were unearned. OF Seth Smith got his first hit of the season. Josh Newman was roughed up a bit when he appeared in the 9th and gave up 4 runs.
  • Modesto: Samuel Deduno returned to summer 2004 and early 2005 form by throwing 6 strong innings and K'ing 7. Matt Daley came in to relieve for 2 innings and fanned 4. Corey Wimberly left the ranks of the hitless last night with an RBI single. OF Doc Brooks, who was the PTBNL in the WIlson trade last year, hit 2 homers and had 4 RBI. Justin Nelson and 1B Duke Sardinha each chipped in 2 RBI.
  • Asheville: Zach Simons pitched as well as can be expected (5 IP, 2 K) but ended up with little run support. Chris Nelson had his first hit and it was a double.


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