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Skiing off a cliff with Jose Mesa

So most of us seem to agree that last night's four to two Rockies loss was inevitable. You ride Jose Mesa so long and eventually you get burned. Still, it was Albert Pujols, who could burn anybody, and we really couldn't expect to win a game wherein we're pitching Josh Fogg against Chris Carpenter to begin with. Not to mention the fact we couldn't capitalize on several opportunities offensively early in the game. The question then is, how much further do we go with Mesa as the set-up man? He's been fabulous for us thus far, but I think most of us feel we're skiing downhill here after passing this sign:

I'm hoping we can get another good month out of Jose to boost his value, but I feel that's kind of like when you pass the exit ramp on a freeway with your "low fuel" light flashing. Come on Jose, just a few more miles and then maybe we can unload you for a spare tank of gas and a burrito on the side...