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Off Day Regroup: Quarter 2 Prognosis

After being smacked back down to earth by Albert Pujols and the Cardinals the last two days, I think that maybe it's time to take a step back and focus on the team and where it needs to go moving forward, so in this thread I would like people to give their picks for:

  1. The Rockies position of greatest need, and how you propose filling that need in the next quarter.
  2. The biggest surprises (one good, one bad) on the roster and your thoughts of whether said surprise will continue their current performance.
  3. Which team in the division do you see as the Rockies greatest threat?
  4. Your projection for the Rox record at the All-Star break (87 games on the schedule to that point, but there could be rain).
And finally, one wild-card prediction of something you see that will happen over the next fifty-two games for the Rockies, whether its a trade, injury or something silly.

And for prizes, uhm... well, we don't really have anything around here, wait I know, whoever's closest in their predictions gets the Employee of the Month parking space which I'm going to put right over there -----> :)

Good Luck and Go Rockies!