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Thursday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Ryan Shealy and Jeff Baker hit their 3rd and 2nd homeruns on the season, respectively, as the Sky Sox won 2-1 last night. Miguel Asencio picked up the win after going 6 and only gave up 1 ER.

Tulsa: Manuel Corpas blew his 3rd save of the season as the Drillers lost 6-5. Juan Morillo only lasted 2/3 of an inning after walking 3 and allowing 2 ER. Koshansky hit his 6th homer of the season and it of the 3-run variety.

Modesto: It took three extra frames for the Nuts to win, but they did (6-4) when Rick Guarno hit his 1st homer of the season. Matt Miller collected his 34th RBI. Samuel Deduno went 5 2/3, but was quite erratic as his walked 5 and K'ed only 2. 15 Ks for the offense as Brooks, Sardinha and Anthony Granato (who?) all had 3 Ks each.  

Asheville: Xavier Cedeno picked up his 3rd win as he went 6 and K'ed 4, walked 3 and only gave up 2 ER. Chris Nelson collected two more hits as his average continues to inch towards .300 (currently at .296).