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Saturday Pebble Report: Wimberly injured

Colorado Springs: Beat Iowa two to nothing for the second straight day. This time JD Closser hit a single and scored on Jayson Nix's RBI hit a couple of batters later. Both singles and the win came off the Cubs' rehabbing Kerry Wood.

Tulsa: The Drillers will play a double header today, but didn't play last night.

Modesto: The bad news isn't the Nuts 11-6 loss on a wild night at Thurman Field. No, the bad news comes from the Modesto Bee, Corey Wimberly apparently has an unspecified hamstring injury.

The Nuts lost more than just a game when leadoff hitter Corey Wimberly pulled up after running out a first-inning ground ball. As he crossed first base, he reached back for his right hamstring. While it's much too early to tell how serious the injury may be, Kreuter said he thought the team would be without their leading hitter (by average) for at least a week and probably more.

In the game, Neil Wilson had two doubles, but the Nuts also collected four errors.

Asheville: The Tourists are back at McCormick Field, as the ten to twelve loss last night indicates. Dexter Fowler had three hits including two doubles and scored three times. Eric Young Jr and Chris Nelson also had a pair of hits (Nelson with three RBI as well). But the pitching staff was as abused as the Rockies own last night, starter Brandon Durden in particular after only two and a third innings of work gave up six runs.