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Monday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Apparently having a bobblehead night in his honor in Modesto Friday night reminded Omar Quintanilla that he used to be something with the bat. He's gone on a nifty little run since, including yesterday's three for five performance. He doubled and scored twice and helped lead the Sky Sox to an eight to two victory. Also helping were the homeruns off the bats of Ryan Shealy, Ryan Spillborghs and Juan Melo and a nice pitching outing from Enmanuel Ulloa. Conspicuously absent in the offense was JD Closser, who went zero for five.

Tulsa: The Drillers won ten to one on a very strong start from Ubaldo Jimenez (6 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 10 K) and an offensive attack that saw everyone in the lineup score at least once. Tulo scored twice actually, on a two for three afternoon with a double. Also getting a pair of hits was Ian Stewart and Christian Colonel had three hits, including two doubles. The last Driller to break the scoring barrier was Seth Smith, who did it on a two out grand slam in the fifth inning.

Update [2006-5-15 12:56:22 by Rox Girl]:
Apparently a Driller victory is the least of Ian Stewart's cause for celebrating. He is now engaged to Susan Mikulik, the daughter of Asheville's manager, Joe. Congratulations Ian and Susan!

Modesto: Franklin Morales had a wild outing and suffered a loss because of it. He pitched five innings, allowed four runs on six hits and four walks and struck out six. He also hit two batters and threw a wild pitch. Justin Nelson and Neil Wilson led the offense in the seven to four loss.

Asheville: Apparently the Rockies most junior circuit playing right now had the day off so all the prospects could visit their Mums. Just kidding, the SAL had a full schedule otherwise, I guess it was just a quirk from the people who penned it out in the offseason.